The Early Miracle

The Early Miracle by Lew Holton
June 4 - July 3, 2021

A tornado has swept through the Fairview Mobile Home Park in the fictional town of Early, South Carolina, destroying everything in its path... except one trailer, which it not only left undamaged, but on the roof of which it set down a statue of the Virgin Mary. This play was directed by Elvin Moriarty & Michele Richey and featured Dean Dicks, Laura Schlecht & Michael Maccato with Nora Perez & Alyzia Chavez backstage and Caitlyn Guilliam in the tech booth.

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Who's on First?

Who's on First? by Jack Sharkey
July 23 - August 21, 2021

Take a husband, wife, lover and friend, add a strange lamp, a gun and a rubber chicken plus a party that begins at 8pm, then again at 8pm, and then again at 8pm, and you have this nightmare comedy. Is it all an accident? Or is their dilemma part of someone's fiendish plan? This play was directed by Judy Reeves & Michele Richey and featured Mark Maccato, Roxana Maccato, Tony D'Armata & Pamela Kinney with Judith Mallernee & Kiki Cummings backstage and Michele Richey in the tech booth.

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