The Glitter Girls

The Glitter Girls by Mark Dunn
September 16 - October 15, 2022

The play revolves around an ad hoc meeting of a North Georgia women's social club called The Glitter Girls, convened by its richest member – one Trudy Tromaine – who is supposedly at death's door and wishing to bequeath some of her millions to one lucky Sister of the Gleam and Sparkle. The hitch is that it’s the members themselves who must decide to whom to award the small fortune (with hopes that the Glitter Girl they select will see it in her heart to share the money with the rest of her sisters). The play can be economically described as Steel Magnolias meets Survivor, with a big dose of quirky Mark Dunn humor thrown in for good measure. This play was directed by Judy Reeves & Terry Talley and featured Alice Rhoades, Michael Maccato, Jess Hurd, Asad Ali, Pamela Kinney, Pamela Branstetter, Jennifer Prior, Julie Burks, Jalene Manzie & Chris Cancila.

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Drop Dead

Drop Dead by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore
November 4 - December 3, 2022

A cast of has-been actors plan to revive their careers in Drop Dead!, a potboiler murder mystery directed by Wonder Child of the Broadway Stage Victor Le Pewe (a psychotic eye twitching megalomaniac). But when the murders and mysteries exceed those in the script - these thespians must save the show and their careers as well as their lives! This play was directed by Michele Richey & Darius Hollis and featured Michael Maccato, Chip Davison, Tony D'Armata, Francisco Guzman, Kayleigh Latimer, Alex Vaughn, Jen Rathbun, Polona Pearson, Kris Guzman & Wendy Moses.

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Grace & Glorie

Grace & Glorie by Tom Ziegler
January 6 - February 4, 2023

Grace, a feisty 90 year-old cancer patient, has checked herself out of the hospital and returned to her beloved homestead cottage to die alone. Her volunteer hospice worker, Glorie, is a Harvard MBA recently transplanted to this rural backwater from New York. Glorie is tense, unhappy and guilt-ridden, her only child having been killed in an auto accident when she was driving. As she attempts to care for and comfort the cantankerous Grace, the sophisticated Glorie gains new perspectives on values and life's highs and lows. This play was directed by Elvin Moriarty & Suzanne King and featured Janye Anderson & Jana Smith.

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The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr
February 24 - March 25, 2023

Every drama group has experienced the horrors of what can go wrong on opening night, and the ladies of the F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are no different, with the possible exception that almost everything that could happen does! The scenery collapses, cues are missed, lines forgotten, and the sound effects take on a strange note at times, as the ladies present their ambitious evening's entertainment with the cunning whodunit, Murder At Checkmate Manor. But Mrs. Reece, doyenne of the group, rises above the slings and arrows of outrageous dramatics to save the situation and provide the final inventive twist. This play was directed by Doris Merten and featured Dean R Dicks, Michele Richey, Brittany Garcia, Suzanne King & Kristen Sheils.

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Death Knell by James Cawood
Opening Soon on April 14

Set in an isolated former hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, Death Knell follows Henry Roth, a famous playwright and his wife Evelyn, as they await the arrival of his new muse – a charming and charismatic young actor called Jack Willoughby who is determined to secure a role in the playwright's latest production. What starts out as a seemingly innocent audition soon leads to an evening full of twists, turns and eventually... murder. Mixing black comedy and shocks of the highest order, Death Knell reinvents the classic thriller genre and will leave audiences breathless and beguiled right up to the final curtain. This play is directed by Laura Schlecht & Janye Anderson and features Thomas Baird, Polona Pearson, Spencer Moseley, Adam Perkins & Julie Burks with Darius Hollis backstage.

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Lone Star / Laundry and Bourbon by James McLure
Auditions: April 16 & 17

Lone Star takes place in the cluttered backyard of a small-town Texas bar. Roy, a brawny, macho type who had once been a local high-school hero, is back in town after a hitch in Vietnam and trying to reestablish his position in the community. Joined by his younger brother, Ray (who worships him), Roy sets about consuming a case of beer while regaling Ray with tales of his military and amorous exploits. Apparently Roy cherishes three things above all; his country, his sexy young wife, and his 1959 pink Thunderbird. With the arrival of Cletis, the fatuous, newlywed son of the local hardware store owner, the underpinnings of Roy’s world begin to collapse as it gradually comes out that Ray had slept with his brother’s wife during his absence and, horror of horrors, has just demolished his cherished Thunderbird. But, despite all, the high good humor of the play never lapses, and all ends as breezily and happily as it began. Laundry and Bourbon takes place on the front porch of Roy and Elizabeth’s home in Maynard, Texas, on a hot summer afternoon. Elizabeth and her friend Hattie are whiling away the time folding laundry, watching TV, sipping bourbon and Coke, and gossiping about the many open secrets which are so much a part of small-town life. They are joined by the self-righteous Amy Lee who, among other tidbits, can’t resist blurting out that Roy has been seen around town with another woman. While the ensuing conversation is increasingly edged with bitter humor, from it emerges a sense of Elizabeth’s inner strength and her quiet understanding of the turmoil which has beset her husband since his return from Vietnam. He is wild, and he is unfaithful, but he needs her, and she loves him. And she’ll be waiting for him when he comes home—no matter what others may say or think. Director Sam Martinez is seeking cast members to fill 6 roles.

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Show #7: To Be Announced
Auditions: June 4 & 5