by Sam Havens

September 13 - October 12, 2024 Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00pm
Sundays Sep 29 & Oct 6 @ 2:00pm

This play is about the fun a man and his wife can have when they are good buddies, when they can pal around together outdoors, when she is the Huckleberry Finn to his Tom Sawyer. No - that statemetn needs re-phrasing: What fun the man can have when he and his wife are good buddies, etc, etc. Sarah Jan Tanner grew up in the Piney Woods of Texas. City boy, Glen Dorsett, married her and took her back to New York. But somehow she became more and more the good buddy and less and less the wife - and somewhere along the lines picks up the nickname of Bubba. Only when Glen (now a successful photographer) decides that they are going to move back to the Piney Woods does she fully realize that their marriage has been his marriage. An egotistical male model and his capricious but beautiful paramour are the catalysts that accelerate Bubba's desire to rebel against the kid brother image and be a woman again.

Director Judy Reeves is seeking cast members to fill 4 roles.


Sunday, July 21 @ 2:00pm
Monday, July 22 @ 7:30pm

Auditions are held at Theatre Suburbia (5201 Mitchelldale St, Suite A3) on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening following the opening of the prior show. Sign in starts one hour prior to start.

Auditions are open to the public and consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring your resume and headshot if you have them. If not, we have audition forms and a camera. Those cast are required to become a member of the theatre.

Everyone who auditions will receive a complimentary ticket for two to the current production. Additionally, those cast will receive a complimentary ticket for two to their show.

Read through generally occurs the Tuesday or Wednesday following auditions. Full rehearsals normally start the following Monday and run through the opening of the show.

Rehearsals are usually Monday through Thursday evenings, as well as on Fridays once the previous show closes. Additionally, there may be pick up rehearsals on the two Thursdays following opening.

Character Breakdown

Director Judy Reeves is seeking cast members to fill 4 roles.

Glen ( M | 30s/40s )

Very successful professional photographer; dresses in comfortable clothing - usually corduroy trousers and a Pendleton shirt.

Bubba ( F | 30s/40s )

Glen's wife of six years; pretty but wears no make-up and dresses a good deal liker her husband. There is something of a tomboy about her. Her real name is Sarah Jane.

Casey ( M | 40s/50s )

A model for national television commercials; flashy dresser, fastidiously well-groomed.

Bambi ( F | 20s )

Gorgeous, chic.

Stick around after the Sunday audition. Theatre Suburbia directors will conduct a short workshop to help you improve your auditioning skills.

Want to get involved, but not sure on stage is the place for you? Theatre Suburbia is always looking for volunteers to help out with a variety of things.

Feel free to drop by the theatre during auditions to get a feel for the place, meet others involved here and get more information.

Cast & Crew

Judy Reeves

Judy Reeves