Honeymoon at Graveside Manor

a ghostly farce by Pat Cook

July 21 - August 19, 2023 Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00pm
Sundays Aug 6 & 13 @ 2:00pm

Marian Thorncraft is looking forward to her honeymoon with new hubby, Tyler. She pictures someplace romantic, secluded and cozy. No sooner have her feet touched the ground after being carried over the threshold than she discovers her love nest is really a one-time mortuary! Graveside Manor, as the locals call it, has been abandoned for years, mainly due to the rumors of it being haunted. Cozy as a bat cave, it's about as secluded as Grand Central Station. A daffy maid shows up to clean the place and gets lost in the catacombs behind the walls. This goes unnoticed because Tyler is too busy ducking a female ghost with a hatchet, three high-school kids trying to set up a Halloween prank and his wise-cracking female editor who once had a crush on him. Throw in an absent-minded cop and the escaped lunatic he's looking for and the stage is set for a Honeymoon at Graveside Manor.

Directors Elvin Moriarty & Janye Anderson are seeking cast members to fill 10 roles.


Sunday, June 4 @ 2:00pm
Monday, June 5 @ 7:30pm

Auditions are held at Theatre Suburbia (5201 Mitchelldale St, Suite A3) on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening following the opening of the prior show. Sign in starts one hour prior to start.

Auditions are open to the public and consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring your resume and headshot if you have them. If not, we have audition forms and a camera. Those cast are required to become a member of the theatre.

Everyone who auditions will receive a complimentary ticket for two to the current production. Additionally, those cast will receive a complimentary ticket for two to their show.

Read through generally occurs the Tuesday or Wednesday following auditions. Full rehearsals normally start the following Monday and run through the opening of the show.

Rehearsals are usually Monday through Thursday evenings, as well as on Fridays once the previous show closes. Additionally, there may be pick up rehearsals on the two Thursdays following opening.

Character Breakdown

Directors Elvin Moriarty & Janye Anderson are seeking cast members to fill 10 roles.

Myron Thorncraft ( M | late 30s )

A dithering split personality recently escaped from a mental institution.

The Woman ( F | mid 30s )

A ghost, for all intents and purposes

Tyler Thorncraft ( M )

A writer of horror novels on his honeymoon. He is young, energetic and fast thinking.

Marian Thorncraft ( F )

Tyler's new bride, a down-to-earth woman who's not sure if she believes in ghosts.

Sophie ( F )

A wise-cracking cleaning woman who's seen it all and doesn't want to see any more.

Madge Perkins ( F | late 30s )

A chic publishing editor, in her late thirties.

Durward ( M )

A sophomore who's a bit on the large side, physically, anyway.

Judy ( F )

A know-it-all sophomore who's the brains of the outfit.

Suzanne ( F )

Judy's right-arm girl, something of a gofer.

Officer Blair

A rather dim police officer.

Stick around after the Sunday audition. Theatre Suburbia directors will conduct a short workshop to help you improve your auditioning skills.

Want to get involved, but not sure on stage is the place for you? Theatre Suburbia is always looking for volunteers to help out with a variety of things.

Feel free to drop by the theatre during auditions to get a feel for the place, meet others involved here and get more information.

Cast & Crew

Elvin Moriarty

Elvin Moriarty

Janye Anderson

Janye Anderson