Carolyn Montgomery

Carolyn Montgomery
In Memoriam

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Carolyn Montgomery - a longtime supporter and active member of the local theatre community. A native Houstonian, she appeared in numerous production on a variety of stages around town - in more than 60 shows at Theatre Suburbia alone. Carolyn was an endearing friend who liked to laugh and banter. Her big personality is not one soon forgotten.

Carolyn originally became involved with us by auditioning for How Green Was My Brownie, but the turn out was too small to cast it. Jim Siedow instead swapped it out for And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little which became her Theatre Suburbia debut in May 1974. She went on to perform in On the Bridge at Midnight, The Mousetrap, Faith Hope and Her Grandmother, The House of Blue Leaves, Happy Birthday Wanda June and many others.

She continued to be an active member of Theatre Suburiba, serving on the board as Vice President for many years. During set construction, you could always find Carolyn prepping show flyers mailouts. And many of you will remember seeing her side-by-side with Elvin hosting our annual Phoney Awards.

Carolyn will be remembered and missed by all of us here at Theatre Suburbia as she takes her final bow. Thank you for being our friend and castmate in the show of life during your time here.

Celebration of Life Gathering Sunday, March 6, 2022 @ 2 - 5 pm

Thanks to those who joined us to celebrate Carolyn. Below are just some of the many memories shared that day.

Theatre Suburbia Productions

1974: And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little
1974: On The Bridge At Midnight
1974: The Mousetrap
1975: Faith Hope & Her Grandmother
1975: Happy Birthday Wanda June
1977: The House Of Blue Leaves
1978: The Good Doctor
1979: Absent Friends
1979: Five Finger Exercise
1981: Only An Orphan Girl
1982: Romantic Comedy
1983: A Loss Of Roses
1984: A Bad Year For Tomatoes
1984: Come Back to the Five and Dime
1985: Ladies At The Alamo
1986: And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little
1987: Let's Murder Marsha
1987: Agnes Of God
1987: Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
1989: Who Was That Masked Man?
1989: The Wisdom Of Eve
1989: Spider's Web
1990: Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got The Will?
1991: Isn't It Romantic
1992: Allocating Annie
1992: No Mother to Guide Her
1992: Farndale Avenue ... Christmas Carol
1993: The Perfect Murder
1994: Daughters Of The Lone Star State
1994: The Black Duck
1994: Farndale Avenue ... Came from Mars
1994: Caught In The Villains Web
1994: Inspecting Carol
1995: The House On The Cliff
1995: Busybody
1995: Absurd Person Singular
1996: Blithe Spirit
1996: Who Was That Masked Man?
1997: Farndale Avenue ... Murder Mystery
1997: Getting The Gold
1997: A Dickens Christmas Carol
1998: That's The Spirit!
1998: The Christmas Express
1999: Dead Guilty
2000: Broken Glass
2001: Barbecuing Hamlet
2001: Fruitcakes
2002: The Diviners
2003: Scotland Road
2003: Uh Oh... Here Comes Christmas!
2004: Cabin Fever
2005: The Movie Game
2005: Songs at Twilight
2005: The Joker Fired Twice
2005: Nobody Goes Caroling Anymore
2006: Senior Follies
2006: Deadly Nightcap
2007: Bull in a China Shop
2008: The Gift of Murder
2009: Go Back For Murder
2011: Sex Please, We're Sixty
2012: Play On!
2013: The Man Who Wanted to be Santa Claus
2015: Murder By Natural Causes